Moving around in the BDV views.




Move in X & Y.

Right-click and Drag.

Move in Z.

Press and hold Shift to move faster, Control to move slower.

Align with XY plane

Shift Z

Align with YZ plane

Shift X

Align with XZ plane

Shift C or Shift A.
For these 3 shortcuts, the view will rotate around the mouse position on the BDV.

Zoom / Unzoom.

Control + Shift + Mouse-wheel or Command + Mouse-wheel.
The view will zoom and unzoom around the mouse location.


Next time-point.

] or M

Previous time-point.

[ or N


Store a bookmark.

Shift B then press any key to store a bookmark with this key as label.
A bookmark stores the position, zoom and orientation in the view but not the time-point. Bookmarks are saved in display settings file.

Recall a bookmark.

Press B then the key of the bookmark.

Recall a bookmark orientation.

Press O then the key of the bookmark. Only the orientation of the bookmark will be restored.

Image display.

Select source 1, 2 …

Press 1 / 2

Toggle fused mode.

Press F.
In fused mode, several sources are overlaid. Press Shift + 1 / Shift + 2 … to add / remove the source to the view. In single-source mode, only one source is shown.

Save / load display settings.

F11 / F12.
This will create a XYZ_settings.xml file in which the display settings and bookmarks will be saved.

Before mid-2023, the brightness and source visibility dialogs were configured in dialogs which visibility were toggled with the F and F6 shortcuts respectively. With the new version of BDV, they are configured with a side-pane in a BDV window that can be toggled by placing the mouse ofther right part of the images:

BDV side pane position